Don’t Survive, Be Alive

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Welcome to Casa Yoga.

Here is the story of how I came to teach Yoga and what an unbelievable effect it has had on my life.

I have suffered with severe Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Post-Natal Depression and Stress at different points throughout my life. Around 2015 I was diagnosed with a very debilitating illness called M.E or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, caused by years of stress and anxiety.

I was desperate to get better and like most people I turned to the NHS for help and support. I have met some lovely people who have tried to help but had limited resources and some other people who should just not be in a caring profession. I was really at the end of all I could take, if the NHS couldn’t help I wondered if this was how my life was going to be from now on.

The happy, fun, determined and motivated person I was seemed a distant memory. It was a constant struggle with low self-esteem and no self confidence; I wasn’t living, I was just surviving.

With three beautiful children who made my life worthwhile I was desperate to find another way to better mental, emotional and physical health. After reaching rock bottom when my M.E was so bad I was sleeping 18 + hours a day and the other 6 hours I spent fighting to stay awake and had no energy at all.

Cristina doing yoga
Cristina doing yoga

People say that yoga comes to you when you need it and when you are ready to bring it in to your life. I’m not sure what happened or even when but somehow I found a bit of the old Cristina who would never give up and started doing yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes.

The difference I felt was immense and within weeks I had decided to train to become a yoga instructor, booked my place and started the course. I had to share this with others who were going through the same as I had been through.

I now realise that my body and mind had been giving me signals for years that I was too stressed, doing too much and not relaxing at all, I ignored them all and to my detriment. The result being that my body took measures to make me stop, make me slow down and evaluate everything in my life.

Standing in front of people teaching yoga and having my own business filled me with fear but deep down I knew I would be fine with the right training.

The first course I completed was The British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course. I met some amazing people and realised a lot that I loved and some things that I wasn't so keen on in the Yoga tradition. It was hard physically and mentally but it was worth it.

From here I researched all the courses available. I knew I wanted to teach from a point of self care and self compassion; I want to help promote yoga to others who are struggling with stress or illnesses that medication and other interventions have proven to be ineffective.

To show people that you can improve your mental, physical and emotional health even in the absence of a health condition or illness. Good health isn’t just the absence of mental or physical diseases or disorders; it is enjoying the life you have, being full of energy, joy and positivity, treating yourself and others with care and compassion and appreciating what you have. This in turn can enable people to live their lives today instead of trying to survive until a better day.

I found two absolutely perfect courses; as soon as I read about the teachers and the course content, I just knew this was the right path to take.

The Pilamaya 220 hour Teacher Training and the Minded Institute 550 hour Yoga Therapy courses literally included everything that I could wish for in my training. From these courses I have developed my own teaching philosophy.

Cristina doing yoga
Cristina doing yoga

At Casa Yoga you will be treated with care, compassion and kindness. No matter what your ability level, if you have any health issues or concerns, there will be time before classes to discuss or alternatively email or message to arrange a chat. We will help you and I will always do my best to ensure you feel safe and in good hands when joining a class. I teach from the heart and hope you will see and feel this in my classes.

It is important to remember that Yoga is a personal journey, not a competition, we are all created differently. Tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints and bone structure can result in some advanced postures being impossible for certain people to perform no matter how much they practice. At Casa Yoga you will be guided to focus on your own journey; you will soon realise that this is the only one that matters.

In some cases you may be manually adjusted (so long as you consent) to ensure you are working safely and correctly.

With a combination of yoga asana, breathing and meditation practices you will soon realise that life is for living and every day is what you want to make of it.

Casa Yoga Life Mantras: 'Be Your Own Best Friend, Not Your Own Worst Enemy',
‘Don’t Survive; be Alive’ and ‘Life isn’t a Journey, it’s a Beautiful Journey

Follow these life mantras and everything in life will be more fulfilling and enjoyable. Too many people spend their lives aiming for a future goal that life just passes them by, make sure you aren’t one of them.

The name Casa Yoga comes from the Spanish word Casa which means home. I am half Spanish so love to incorporate anything Spanish into my life. Home is an important word because if you think about 'Home', most people feel safe, happy and secure.

What I have realised is that home doesn’t have to be where you live. Through practicing Yoga it is possible to feel at one with yourself so that home can be anywhere. My aim is to help people travel towards this amazing feeling.

Casa Yoga Logo

The Yin/Yang logo represents the fact that to be truly happy you have to accept all of yourself and your experiences. No matter whether what you have been through is good or bad, acceptance will enable you to let go of the past. If you can let go of the past, you can move on. When you move on it is easier to attain balance in life.

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