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Anxiety & Stress Management

Anxiety & Stress Management Workshops

More people than ever before are suffering from  stress,  anxiety, depression, fatigue and anger issues. Schools flag up for constant sickness absences of teachers, whom are off with conditions such as those listed above. The cause of their stress is usually down to the pressures felt from trying to meet ever increasing targets and curriculum changes with limited resources.

Large and small businesses also feel the effect of increasing day to day work and life pressures leading to ill health; reduced productivity and sickness absence. The only release for some is in a bottle of wine at the end of the day, a cigarette or two, comfort eating or engaging in other unhealthy addictions and habits.

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‘Prevention is far better than Cure’ and ‘ Absence of a Mental Illness does not mean good Mental Health.’
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Why wait until we get ill before making some positive changes?

These workshops educate attendees in the science behind stress and anxiety overload. This knowledge alone is powerful in that the sufferer knows what is happening. Awareness can help them implement changes to manage stressful experiences to prevent stress overload.

Being educated about breathing techniques and other simple exercises that can be done to manage daily life events can increase resiliency to stress and prevent issues becoming illnesses. It isn't possible to control everything that happens in life but you can control your reactions.

‘Thoughts become Things, Choose the Good Ones’ Mike Dooley

The above quote is a very important point of learning; thoughts are where anxiety and stress starts and may not be true. By becoming aware of how you think, you can change negative, destructive thoughts and create positivity in daily life.

It is never too late to start looking after your mental health, some very small changes in life can make a huge difference.

In these workshops you will learn how to:

  • Become aware of negative thinking patterns and unhelpful thoughts using various CBT techniques.
  • Cultivate mindfulness in your life.
  • Use different techniques to manage stressful life situations.
  • Use simple but very effective breathing techniques which can influence a more positive physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being .
  • Meditate, and learn meditations for daily self-preservation.
  • Use Self Hypnosis effectively on yourself, focusing on positive ego boosting, confidence boosting and positive suggestions.
  • Relax, using relaxation techniques that will create calm and tranquillity in your whole being.

These areas are just the start of a person looking after themselves; they are relatively easy techniques that those with busy lives can learn to integrate into their lives easily and are very effective when practiced.

Our aim is to help people lessen the levels of stress and anxiety in daily lives. Stressful situations and sad situations will always happen, unfortunately, that's life. However, if we can deal with stresses and challenges in life using a different way of thinking and processing and be able to relax, we will have less time off work, feel better about ourselves and manage things more effectively.

All in all, we will have a better sense of peace within ourselves and hopefully be a happier person for it.

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