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I’m totally new to yoga do I need to buy yoga clothing to attend the classes?
Not at all, as long as you wear something that you can move easily in, leggings and a t-shirt maybe, you will be fine.
I am not flexible can I do yoga?
Yes, all you need to do yoga is to breathe so anyone can do it. The classes will be run so that everyone can get the most out of the classes whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga instructor.
How will I know which class I should attend?
Please read the description of the types of yoga in that section on the website and booking page, however if you are still unsure please do not hesitate to contact us and we can advise you.
How Do I Pay For A Class?
At the moment we only take cash on the day of the class but in the near future we will be introducing online payments.
Do I Need To Book The Classes?
At the moment you can just turn up to the classes but in the near future we will be introducing a booking system.
What if I can’t get to classes regularly, how will I improve?
We will be posting classes on our free YouTube channel Casa Yoga which you can access 24 hours a day.
What if i am late for a class?
You can arrive for a class between 15 and 5 minutes before start of the session after this time the door will be closed and no one will be allowed to come in late. This is for the benefit of everyone so that the class runs smoothly and clients leave enough time to allow for traffic and parking so you can settle and prepare for the class in good time. Please ensure you can attend the class before booking and allow adequate time for traffic and parking.
What if i need to leave early?
Please do not attend a class that you cannot remain from beginning to end. Again this is for everyone’s benefit as this will disturb clients in the class and the leaver won’t get the full benefit of the class.
What if my phone rings in class?
Please turn your phone off during classes as this can be very disruptive to other people attending.
I Am New To Yoga And Don't Have A Mat or Any Equipment?
Please fill in the questionnaire in the New To Casa Yoga page then send a message letting us know which classes you are thinking of attending and we will make sure that there is equipment for you to use.
What if i suffer from mental health issues, physical health issues or just feel i wouldn’t be accepted?
We are a totally inclusive business and welcome everyone. Please contact us and give us the opportunity to put your mind at ease. This could be just what you need to realise you are already enough.
Can i bring my daughter to classes with me?
For insurance purposes to attend an adult class you must be at least 16 years old however, please look out for Teen Yoga Workshops and Teen Yoga in school. Contact us for more details.
I’m 70 years old and have always wanted to try yoga, am i too old?
No not at all, yoga is fantastic for all ages and can really improve mobility in later life. Book onto a total beginners class and see how yoga can add a spring to your step.

At Casa Yoga we want to make every class as enjoyable and beneficial as possible so please let us know if there is anything we can do to make this experience better for you.

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