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What Is Teen Yoga?

Yoga for teenagers focuses on what yoga techniques will assist them in their individual growth; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Teenagers are becoming  young adults and developing their own sense of self. In Teen Yoga we honour these changes and provide them with yogic tools that they can  use whenever they need them so that they grow into fit and healthy human beings.

We will look at why yoga is beneficial for the teenage years, and then focus mainly on what yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditations and relaxations, are important for them to do when coping with exam stress and general life stress and also why these yogic techniques help. We also go over partner yoga to encourage them to work as a team, and to learn about how we are all connected as well as being individual.

Teen Yoga

‘Yoga for Teens’ goes a little deeper than say younger children’s yoga and starts to get a little more serious in that they are deepening their knowledge about yoga, but also about themselves. In this age group they are so much more self-aware, insecurities are uncovered, they are learning how to live with themselves in the world, discover what they can do and what they really want to do.

Yoga being introduced or followed at this stage is so paramount for their wellbeing. As their yoga teacher I will endeavour to provide them with the wisdom of the ancient yoga techniques, in a more complex form than that of the children’s yoga, and a less complex form than that delivered to adults.

But most importantly in a fun, friendly, inclusive and empowering way that can help them to navigate the twists and turns of life.

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