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Why Do Yoga

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Reduces stress & anxiety

By giving students a sense of space in their minds, time to reflect on what is going on in the present moment.

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Increased mobility & flexibility

Helping to prevent injuries, aches and pains. Research has revealed that practicing yoga can lower high blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, stroke, heart disease and many other debilitating diseases.

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Union of the mind, body & soul

There is no such thing as good physical health without good mental and emotional health. Yoga connects everything together.

21st century life leaves very little time for reflection, for taking a breath and just seeing what is happening in the moment. Mobile phones and social media has taken over our lives to the detriment of our mental and emotional health.

People who hate their jobs and literally wish their lives away so they can retire. Anything can happen in the future so why spend all your life looking forward to a time that may never arrive.

Yoga teaches us to become more present in our lives, to appreciate what we have instead of constantly wishing for more.

Yoga helps us to see the beauty all around us, to realise that even on a dull day the sun still shines behind the clouds.

No matter how bad your day has been, tomorrow is a new day with unlimited possibilities if you are prepared to open your eyes and your heart and really see.

Yoga is an absolute gift that is for everyone, no matter how fit, flexible or not you may be. Yoga means ‘Union’ of body, mind and soul. It isn’t a religion it’s a way of life, a way of being that you can embrace as much or as little as you would like to. Asanas, the physical postures are designed to be adapted so absolutely anyone can do yoga. From a low beginners level to increase mobility and flexibility to more advanced variations to further these goals and increase strength also. Everyone is able to work and advance at their own comfortable pace.

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